My experience over the years playing Wizard101 is indescribable. It’s not just the game, but the people I’ve met and learned from, that have truly inspired me to find my way and work toward my goals in the real world. It’s a very long story, but I don’t have this site to talk about all my adventures and life-changing events that have helped me immensely throughout the years. I’d rather show that effort through future projects and use these experiences and memories to power my inner creativity.

Wizard101 is a family-friendly game for players of all ages, though its rated to be for ages 10 and up. You can take a book quiz or simply choose which of the 7 schools you wish to belong to; similar to the houses and sorting hat from Harry Potter. The schools include Fire, Storm, Ice, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance. There are many things to do in this game. You can quest, train your pet, go fishing, decorate castles/houses/dorms, simply hang out with other players, farm for many different items, garden, and more.

Here’s some of my creative work:

Why mounts aren’t allowed in combat:

This video was possible through the use of in-game glitches whilst using 4 accounts and 3 laptops. (Special thanks to a few friends.) It wasn’t easy, but it was inspired by an inside joke between players. Sometimes while equipping or trying to switch mounts while accidentally getting pulled into a duel by an enemy, a pop-up message would appear, telling the player that mounts are not allowed in combat. I found a glitch that made it possible to teleport players in a duel so that their characters were out of sight. There was a housing item of a pegasus and there so happened to be pegasi mounts, so I imagined the mount being turned to stone, and the Myth school spell, Medusa, was perfect for this! We made a new character to play the rider of the white/blue pegasus and I used my own black/red one at my own home and dueling arena. I had to rotate-shift (glitch) items into the sky so I could walk on them. Since I didn’t place the items permanently, the game wouldn’t update this info on visitors’ screens, but they could see my character interacting with them. This is how I got my pegasus to look like it was flying at the beginning of the video. I used a housing item called a “pet bread crumb” to command the other pegasus to move to that spot. The reason why you don’t see Morgrim riding his pegasus in the video, it’s because that pegasus was actually my own, but “borrowed” for the video. This is one reason he runs into the duel circle instead of dismounting the moment he reaches it. The reason my own character never dismounts is because I glitched some items into the sky so that I would ride on that on my own screen while appearing on the ground to visitors. I technically never touched the dueling circle, so I wasn’t dragged into combat. At the end of the video, I used a glitch that made my own pony mount invisible, and I positioned myself in the sky in such a way that it looked like I was riding the statue. It wasn’t so easy to get that last shot, especially because the invisibility wears off after a while. I wasn’t after views when I created this video, and I definitely could have done more, but I wanted to move on and try new projects, and I’d left it unfinished for so long, that I decided to publish it as it was despite it being incomplete, because the main idea was there, and it kept the video short and to-the-point.

A Wizard101 version of the first 5 Nights At Freddy’s map:

This place has its backstory. It’s hosted many parties and believe it or not, this legendary dorm was not the first I built. I built the first one during my college years, before 5 Nights At Freddy’s 2 came out. It was growing in popularity and it just seemed like a fun challenge to try to replicate the first location, despite players being unable to actually walk around in the game. Instead of going for an exact replica, which was impossible, I made my own version based on the first game’s map. There were housing game kiosks which you could place and play tag or scavenger hunt in any house. There was a bug that didn’t allow players to go to a dorm room to play these games. The player would have to exit the game entirely in order to escape this never-ending loading screen. Because of this, I built the first location in the blackness outside the indoor area’s boundaries, where I set teleporters and blocked the way outside. Outdoors, I blocked everything off and placed a portal that would teleport incoming visitors directly to the glitch area I’d built. It made me so happy that people recognized what I’d built, without me saying anything. People had actually started to form groups and came back often to role play and even celebrate in game birthdays in a place that didn’t exist anywhere else in the game! Some were even asking where I got this house and they couldn’t believe the entire place was entirely made out of housing items! I was so proud that something I created was being used and appreciated, that even though I didn’t partake much in all the parties and role-playing, I kept the housing games running so players could have a way of coming back without teleporting, if they didn’t have any friends currently in the area. I’d leave my character standing there afk (away from keyboard) while working on wire art, doing homework, drawing, doing small-task chores, or even playing another game. I felt a sense of responsibility as a host, and if I couldn’t keep the games up, everyone understood that I have a life too, but that didn’t stop them from constantly checking back on “Castle Games” to see if my game was listed for them to visit again, and those whom were added to my friends list were able to return without me, thanks to “Castle Tours,” where my house was always listed for them. They became the next level of transportation instead of it being me all the time. It was amazing how far some people would go to keep my home crowded. Some of the players on my friends list actually looked for players waiting for my game to show up; switching realms and adding them so those who were waiting could mass-teleport to my friend. It was common for that house to become a full dungeon, and because of this, I was able to relax and take days off completely from the game. I had no paid servants. No minions. These players helped me out of their own free will because it was fun for them, and they actually did things like managing tours of my various homes without even asking me. I’d log on and teleport to a house to tend to a garden, and I’d get a group of random strangers thanking me for letting them tour my houses. Not everything was perfect of course. There were those who lied and tried to claim my houses as their own as if I’d stolen their account. I’d gotten falsely reported so many times, but out of nowhere, I had players who would back me up and even defend me while I wasn’t there. The liars often got banned and muted, and there were troublemakers who just visited to cause drama for fun.
I realize I’m going a bit off-topic, so I’ll get back to the FNAF glitch area, like the one in the video. (I’m typing out of my head right now. I’ll proof-read this another time and simplify the text while I’m at it.) There was an update that happened later on, which increased the maximum housing item limit from 300 to 350. The combination of this amazing fact, the ability to craft the castle blocks necessary to build the location, and the fact that there was a larger variety of housing furniture than before made it seem like a better idea to remake this amazingly successful place. I didn’t want to destroy what I’d built on my main character’s dorm, so instead, I created a new character and chose “Fred Bear” as his name. Using gear from Grizzleheim, I got myself some bear outfits and re-created the entire glitch area. I switched back and forth, but I didn’t make it exactly the same. It was darker, had much more space, which had been an issue for player traffic before, and for the first time, players could actually stand on the Pirate Cove stage by Foxy. If players were naughty, since that was a very common issue, I’d place a teleporter on them, which would get them stuck in a deactivated golem (robot) on the table in the “spare parts” room. They could teleport out, and I figured that the best way to deal with trolls was to out-troll them so they wouldn’t come back, or they’d change behavior and become more friendly, since most of them were just looking for a good laugh. Since the housing games were bugged for dorms, I used one of my night gardens, which I’d won from a housing contest on the official fansite. I decorated some of the Night Garden in a way so it’d resemble the 4th game, which had recently come out at the time. (It’s funny… After all this time, even up to now, I’ve never actually played any of the FNAF games, but I know a lot about them and the lore.) As you can see in the video, I glitched some holiday ornaments together, attached to a log and 2 spiral wall plaques that made up a pepperoni pizza being held by a dragon coming out of the water. I actually sank a fountain underground so that just the watery part would be peeking out of the Night Garden’s river surface, as if the body of water were reacting to the dragon’s neck being there. I then started hosting games at the Night Garden, where those who really wanted to play could play the minigames, and those who wanted to role-play and party could take the teleporter that led to the dorm. If someone were to use the portal, not knowing it would lead them away, they could always exit and come back through the Castle Games listing, which read, “House: Night Garden, Owner: Fred Bear, Game: Pizza Party.” It was ironic that Pizza Party was even a game, but we really made the best of it. Now, after things have calmed down due to me being too busy with other things, I have memories of those crazy days and the crazy crowds that had unintentionally taught me about hosting, adapting to player needs/requests, and managing all the chaos that came with the fame. I recorded this video much later due to a request. Someone had asked me if I could make a video of this place so they could share it with their friends who wouldn’t believe him about it existing. There have been other players who made videos of my houses and glitch areas, and many had asked for permission, but it hadn’t occurred to me that I should probably make a video of my hard work as well. I waited for all of my guests to be gone so I could record it. It’s been updated a bit here and there, but it’s mostly the same now as it was then.

I am Keena Ironweaver, a max-level Death wizard (necromancer) who has become well-known for her ability to decorate homes using advanced glitching techniques that allow the placement of housing items where they would normally be impossible to place. I’ve lost count of how many players I’ve taught throughout the years, and I was even pronounced best decorator of the year on a fan site. At first, I signed up for Wizard101 out of boredom one summer since I didn’t have anything else to do at the time, and I was either at my first or second year of high-school. I had no plans of becoming a dedicated player of Wizard101, but then I noticed I glitched a candle to float in my dorm room on my first day playing. As a necromancer, I wanted to find a housing item of a skull with a candle on it, but checking through the Bazaar, I realized this housing item didn’t exist. (Surprisingly for a magical game with wizards and witches, it still doesn’t.) However, there were housing items of skulls and 2 types of candles at the time. I managed to find a way to glitch the candle inside the skull so that it poked out the top, and I created the very housing item I was after that technically didn’t exist. I kept messing around with these glitches, and when I’m bored, I love a good activity that gets my gears turning. It was fun to figure out how something worked and to experiment with different techniques I’d come up with to achieve a desired effect. Other players wished to learn from me, but I was afraid that perhaps these harmless glitches were against rules, so I tried to keep them secret, and only teach those whom I trusted would be mature about it. Of course I wasn’t the only one who’d found out about these glitches on their own, and eventually, it was confirmed by KingsIsle that they’d considered patching the housing glitches, but noticed how much players seemed to enjoy the glitches that allowed more artistic freedom instead of causing issues. Glitching became its own medium. Over time, I’d gotten quite a few homes and spent most of my time decorating and improving them. My online friends at the time asked for me to teleport to specific houses so that they could visit them and hang out with their own friends, so I started to feel more like my homes had a purpose besides looking nice. After all, what’s the point of having a home if you can’t “live” in it? Years went by, and with an update came a new housing item called a teleporter, where you could set the desired location, and then place the one-way teleporter wherever you wanted. For the first time, you could link your homes together so players could go from one to another without the home owner having to teleport to each one so their friends could teleport to them! I crafted some teleporters in the game and linked my houses, so I could decorate without interruptions from my friends list. Another update came out where “additional castle elixirs” could be purchased in the crown shop so one could own more than 3 houses, excluding bundle houses since each bundle already came with one of these potions. Some of my friends and students wanted my help with specific locations within their homes, but I didn’t always have the same home as them, so I couldn’t always help. Some of them decided to gift me elixirs so that I could buy the same house as them with gold. I never asked for these elixirs, so each time they offered and or even gifted me without saying anything, I was moved. I didn’t know how much my work meant to everyone. For them to spend real money on a stranger because they think they’re skilled and worthy as a person… It really meant a lot. I gladly helped everyone I could, and in return, they were unintentionally training me to become a better teacher. I learned to type faster and think under pressure, as well as how to communicate much clearer and to the point. It got to a point where it was normal for me to be talking to 5 different players at the same time, yet all were in their own castles, unaware that I was talking to anyone else until they’d receive a, “Sorry, wrong chat!” I found myself spending most of my time helping other players instead of doing the things I wanted to do on my own, and eventually, I met the players who taught me how to say, “No,” to certain requests, as they were never-ending and sometimes even stressful. My self-esteem wasn’t too low, but I still felt like I was less important than other people at the time, which made it difficult for me to refuse a request for help without feeling guilty about it. I now know that my time is valuable, and if I don’t have the time to myself I need, I won’t be as efficient and useful as I could be long-term…(To be continued.)

Here’s an unedited video that I made by joining clips I recorded straight from the game. I used glitches to do the impossible, including flight on a mount where there is no ground below.