My Work Experience

I used to work as a toy sales associate for Walmart. I was great at my job and did much more than what was required from a normal worker. I did research about the toys in my department during my free time, I helped keep the break room clean, and I even wrote a guide to help confused co-workers figure out how to use these unusual, new microwaves. I was able to answer questions for customers and even educate them on various products if they were interested. Co-workers often sent customers to me, which I honestly didn’t mind, since I was a fast-paced worker and challenged myself to tidy up the Toys department so I’d have an “excuse” to be allowed to tidy up the very-messy Stationary & Crafts department. As an artist, it was very bothersome to see such useful supplies being mistreated and wasted through unnecessary damage. As an artist, I know very well that art can be messy, but a store shelf is no place to be messy. I organized the things that workers wouldn’t even touch for months, like the mixed felts or a glitter spill that covered 3 shelves for months.

I suppose sculpting with wire is more of a hobby, but I have sold more sculptures than I can remember over the years, and I did take many requests. I suppose this was my first self-employed job, though I don’t think I could make a living out of this, especially since I sometimes need to take a break to allow my fingers to heal from all that wire-bending.