Me As A Gamer

This page is being worked on, but I’ve listed some of the games that have inspired me and have taught me useful things, in no specific order:

Star Stable
Pokémon (Numerous Gameboys/DS/3DS games)
(Can’t wait for the Spyro remake!)

Why include a page about my gaming background? To make video games, one must play them and understand the logic behind the choices made as well as how the environment in the level can become strategic rather than just focusing on how well it looks. I’ve played different games with different art styles, objectives, and physics. There’s more to playing video games than just having fun and winning. You can learn valuable lessons that can be applied in the real world, such as teamwork and communication skills. Learning to think fast under pressure and how to pick up the pace without lowering the quality in your performance can be great for any work environment.

If you’re wondering what “Glitchmancer” means, it’s a word I came up with as a Wizard101 player. Since I specialized in using in-game glitches to decorate my castles, it literally means, “A wizard that controls glitches.” Since a Pyromancer controls fire and a necromancer deals with the dead, a glitchmancer would use ‘glitch magic.’ (Glitches are not to be confused with bugs nor hacks. We aren’t cheaters.) The main purpose of a glitchmancer is to make “happy accidents” that exist in a game into a form of art; whether it be a harmless performance or aesthetically pleasing to tour or play through. Nobody’s perfect, and neither are games.

Here’s a little example of glitchmancy. The first clip is from Star Stable, where my horse accidentally glitched. The second clip is from Wizard101, where I already knew my way around more glitches than even KingsIsle was aware existed. I decided to recreate what happened in Star Stable, except in Wizard101, but funnier, as if this were the proper way to ride a horse for glitchmancers.