Me As A Person

I’m a learning artist with an Associate’s Degree interested in a career in animating, logo-designing, and 3D modeling, with an open mind. I know I can’t do everything, but I’m ready to grow as an artist and eventually I plan to become a specialist in whichever field I fit best in. I’ve been practicing¬†3D and 2D art on a laptop while improving my paper skills in a few private sketchbooks. The program I’ve been using for my 3D work is Blender, while my 2D art is practiced on Adobe programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, and a few others I’ve been testing out. I have a brand new Wacom tablet that I’m still getting used to, but thanks to my experience as a gamer, it’s easy for me to adapt to things I’m not used to, even if it has nothing to do with video games. (It seems that muscle memory carries over from one activity to another.)

My wire art skills are a self-taught, paying hobby, as I’ve taken requests and sold many sculptures over the years. (I’ve lost count, so please don’t ask me how many I’ve sculpted. I don’t have pictures of every single sculpture I’ve made. There are just too many, and I didn’t have a professional camera before 2013. I started sculpting some time in 2011. Each sculpture is unique and requires varying amounts of wire, it’s nearly impossible for me to say exactly how long each takes to make. Some take hours while others take a few days.) Almost every sculpture is made from a single strand of wire. I also don’t sculpt every day, as doing so can damage my fingertips and leave them sensitive from overuse. I’m essentially bending metal string and pinching it with longnose pliers.